The First Cycle (1980)


This rare, early recording from Bill Cole represents the first of a seven-part series of concerts he performed at Dartmouth College in the late 1970's. Cole developed these major works based on the philosophy of the Igbo of Nigeria, taught to him by Chief Fela Sowande, which holds that the human soul reincarnates seven times. Each of the “Seven Cycles” increased in length and size – ranging from the First Cycle (featuring Sam Rivers and Warren Smith) to later Cycles that included as many as 40 musicians, drumming ensembles and Gospel choirs. As mentioned above, this first cycle, recorded in the Spaulding Auditorium, Hopkins Centre, Dartmouth College, on the 1st of August 1975, features Bill Cole (Indian shehnai & vocals), Sam Rivers (tenor saxophone & piano) and Warren Smith (drums, kettle drums, marimba & percussion).