Duets & Solos: Volume 1

Duets & Solos: Volume I (2001)


"Bill Cole and the Untempered Ensemble: Duets and Solos Vol. I & II" are an engaging set of intimate improvisations from some of the most notable legends in free jazz. The recordings bear witness to musical relationships, decades in the making, between Bill Cole and his masterful collaborators in the Untempered Ensemble: William Parker, Warren Smith, Joseph Daley, Cooper Moore, and Sam Furnace.


Review of Duets & Solos, Vol. 1:It is here in these conversations between old friends and playing partners that the workings of [Cole's] approach really hum.... This is an intimate, varied, and haunting collection.”

— Eugene Chadbourne, All Music

Whether he's sounding like Dewey Redman's unhinged twin alongside veteran Warren Smith's trap set, or taking the background drone role on the digeridoo to accompany Cooper-Moore's "horizontal hoe-handle harp", the results are never less than engaging on a level above their preternatural sonics...Cheers to Boxholder for making this album available.”

— James Lindbloom, One Final Note