Joint review of Sunsum and Trayvon Martin Suite:  This can be challenging music for some audiences, for some of the same reasons it is so rewarding: unusual instrumentation, focus on improvisation and the mastery of the players, which allows them an infinite freedom of expression. At once profound and accessible, this music rewards those who listen openly.” - Anders Griffen

The New York City Jazz Record

Review of Sunsum (2014)” - Luis Raul Montell

Jazz Global Beat

Sunsum" named best pick for improvised jazz in 155th issue. Excerpt of the Review of the Sunsum (2015): "If you are truly a fan of improv, you won’t be able to do without this one in your collection… Bill’s work with wind instruments is unparalleled in today’s jazz world, & you owe it to yourself to have a listen.” - Dick Metacalf

Excerpt of a Review of the Sunsum (2015): Listen to Bill Cole—no matter what reed instrument he is playing—and you will never be the same again.” - Raul da Gama


Excerpt of a Review of the Travyon Martin Suite (2015): Good music serves one of two purposes: personal gratification or social awareness. Great music invites the listener into the secrets of the soul and raises and changes the level of socio-political consciousness forever. The music of the master reeds player Bill Cole and that of the prince of the low-toned woodwinds and more Joseph Daley has done all of the above with unexpurgated force, consistent clarity and true genius.” - Raul da Gama


Excerpt of a Review of the Travyon Martin Suite (2015): Each piece does a great job of capturing the spirit/vibe of what transpired that night and the mixed feelings we are all still dealing with due to too many other similar, continuing tragedies. This is an important, strong and immensely timely work that should be heard by many folks everywhere.” - Bruce Lee Gallanter

— Downtown Music Gallery

Excerpt of a Review of the Travyon Martin Suite (2015): These two pros return to the days of civil rights jazz in their tribute to Trayvon Martin and they know how to convey the anger and confusion the times bestow. Like prime period civil rights jazz, this isn't easy to listen to but it shows that listening in general is what's needed for any one that wants to seek a newer world[.]” - Chris Spector

Midwest Records

Excerpt of a Review of Sunsum (2014): I have caught (perhaps a half dozen) different versions of the Untempered Ensemble through the years and have always been knocked out by each & every performance. Same for this one.... All of the music here has a joyous, uplifting vibe which is consistently enchanting. This disc is nearly an hour long and a transcendent aura pervades throughout.” - Bruce Lee Gallanter

Downtown Music Gallery

Review of Billy Bang / Bill Cole 2010 duet album: [Billy Bang and Bill Cole] create a wide range of colors and sonorities (the violin and shenai combination is laden with overtones), and they weave in and around each other – each player displaying an ease with, and understanding of, the approach of the other player.... These are two sensitive musicians who are in total communication with each other and who work towards new modes and forms of expression.” - Chris Robinson


Review of the Untempered Ensemble's self-titled 2011 album: My most recent review of Bill Cole’s works was in issue # 115, where he & his compatriots got a fine rating… this outing (live again) has them playing at Syracuse U (September, 2009), & again they are in fine form.  A new aspect on this performance is the addition of vocal works by Althea SullyCole (a first for Bill)… they are skillfully woven into the power-packed (& long) sessions!  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find sound samples (or YOUTUBE vids), so you’ll just have to rely on my ears… my absolute favorite track (clocking in at 21:48), was “A Man Of Outstanding Quality Is Preeminent Among His Comrades”… it runs the whole circuit… slow build, intimate percussion and wonderful vocals.  The thing to remember about music from Bill & compatriots is that it is NOT “pop” music… you must actually LISTEN to this to comprehend it… in that sense, it get my MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, especially for folks who want some ADVENTURE in their listening experience.  I give it an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.97.” - Dick Metcalf

Zzaj Productions

Review for the Untempered Ensemble's self-titled 2011 album: Bill Cole, a multicultural multi-instrumentalist, is one of the guys at the top of the hierarchy in the improvised music scene, having been at it in earnest since at least the late 70s.... [T]his performance by the Untempered Ensemble at the Vision Festival continues a tradition started nearly twenty years ago by Cole, putting together performers both young and old, established and up-and-coming, to forge music representing Bill Cole’s singular vision of Eastern and African enhanced jazz."  ” - S. Victor Aaron

— Something Else Reviews

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