This is May 29th 2015.  Today I found out that my great great nephew died from being shot in a drive by shooting in Pittsburgh.  I learned this from my nephew, John Wallace.  It's very sad to see this all is still going on – we as African-American people killing each other.  The police are doing it well enough.  Why do we continue to do this?  What is wrong with us?  Do we have so much self-hatred that we have to continue to kill each other? Over absolutely nothing but greed and avarice, dope and every other negative thing that we can think of?  Why are we doing this to each other?  Are we still slaves?  Because the white people hate us so much, we should hate each other?  It’s terrible that white people keep killing us out here.  Why do we need to do it also?  Why can’t we do something about this?  Drugs?  Gangs?  All kinds of ridiculous stuff?  We just buy into how the white culture wants us to be.  It’s so sad, and it’s so awful.

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