Bill Cole is so very pleased to have received this piece of fan mail, with mentions of his 2013 tribute to Jayne Cortez, "Politics," as well as his cycles and his 2008 duet album with Billy Bang, "Billy Bang / Bill Cole":

Dear Bill,

Thank you so much for sending this music along. I really love the introduction on Jayne Cortez. Very beautiful. I remember Jayne Cortez from your cycles and her recitation of "If the drum is Woman," it stayed with me. This led me to listen to The Firespitters on YouTube. Wow! I was not aware of your music before the cycles but recognise [sic] the Firespitter Personel. It is quite nice to be able to expand my knowledge and interest with the internet. Loved seeing Lisette Santiago perform. Althea sounds so confident and poised.... A very nice tribute to your dear friend. I was inspired by the Yoruba Proverbs in your cycles, Warren does a beautiful job of filling out "It's Not Other People's Good Wishes That Makes One Rich, But One's Own Destiny." You are just ripping out on "Politics," and I wish this was sonar to the president's brain. At times Bill & Billy conjured up Julius Abdul, congratulatoins, you are really consecrating it. Keep making beautiful music.

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