Recorded in Greenfield, Massachusettes, on November 20th, 1999, this classic recording of the Untempered Ensemble is a sprawling 2-CD set that "represents a virtuosic synthesis of composition and improvisation, and of conventional and unconventional timbres," writes Michael A. Parker for All About Jazz. He continues, "I’m willing to claim that this is one of the most important documents of Jazz in the past ten years."

The album features Bill Cole (sona, hojok, piri, nagaswarm, shenai, Tibetan trumpet, digeridoo and Ghanaian flute), Cooper-Moore (percussion, self-made instruments), Warren Smith (percussion, glockenspiel), Joe Daley (euphonium, tuba), William Parker (acoustic bass), Sam Furnace (tenor sax), and Atticus Cole (percussion)

This album is available at The Downtown Music Gallery (13 Monroe Street, New York, New York - also takes online orders) and The Bop Shop (1460 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, New York - also takes online orders). It can also be found on You can also order the CD via e-mail: just send your request to