Released on December 29, 2014, "Sunsum" is the latest release from Bill Cole's Untempered Ensemble. It was recorded on July 7th, 2014 at the San Clemente Soto Cultural Center in New York as part of the Evolving Music Series of Arts of Art. It is the group's 8th album and features Bill Cole, Warren Smith, Joseph Daly, Lisette Santiago, Ras Moshe, and Gerald Veasley.

"Listen to Bill Cole—no matter what reed instrument he is playing—and you will never be the same again." -

"Sunsum" is now available to order and download on CDBaby - click here!

It is also available at The Downtown Music Gallery (13 Monroe Street, New York, New York - also takes online orders) and The Bop Shop (1460 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, New York - also takes online orders). You can also order the CD via e-mail: just send your request to