"Seasoning The Greens," recorded live in 2001 in Burlington, VT, has been heralded as a great feat in the fusion of world music and free jazz. Featuring Bill Cole (sona, hojok, piri, nagaswarm, shenai, Tibetan trumpet, digeridoo and Ghanaian flute), Cooper-Moore (percussion, self-made instruments), Warren Smith (percussion, glockenspiel), Joe Daley (euphonium, tuba), William Parker (acoustic bass), Sam Furnace (tenor sax), and Atticus Cole (percussion), it is a free-jazz world tour worth taking.

"Bill Cole's music is a treasure for all the world to hear, beautiful art inspired by and borrowed from all cultures and delivered back with love. Seasoning the Greens (both the piece and the album) may be the reedman's most heartwarming and downright irresistible work yet.... Seasoning the Greens is a must-have." (Francoise Couture, AllMusic.com)

"Seasoning The Greens is successful not only because free jazz and many types of nonwestern music share characteristics, but also because Cole knows how to add up their differences in a natural way." (Charlie Wilmoth - Dusted Magazine)

"A worthwhile listen for the geographically curious jazzer." (Peter Marsh - BBC Review)

"An education for the ear, an essential disc for listeners with geographical aspirations or interests in a different musical palette." (Dan McClenaghan - All About Jazz)

This album is available at The Downtown Music Gallery (13 Monroe Street, New York, New York - also takes online orders) and The Bop Shop (1460 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, New York - also takes online orders). You can also order the CD via e-mail: just send your request to billcole@billcole.org