Bill Cole's Untempered Ensemble will be performing at The Commons in Brooklyn on July 16th, 2015 at 7 pm ($15 general admission; $10 student); featuring...

Bill Cole - Sona, Hojok, Piri, Nagaswarm, Flutes, Didgeridoo
Joe Daley - Tuba, Euphonium
Warren Smith - Percussion
Althea SullyCole - Kora and Voice
Gerald Veasley - Bass
Ras Moshe - Tenor Sax & Flutes

Please Join Us!

The Commons
388 Atlantic Avenue
BrooklynNY 11217
United States


Bill Cole would like to extend many thanks to the JazzdaGama for publishing the following review of the "Trayvon Martin Suite";

"Good music serves one of two purposes: personal gratification or social awareness. Great music invites the listener into the secrets of the soul and raises and changes the level of socio-political consciousness forever. The music of the master reeds player Bill Cole and that of the prince of the low-toned woodwinds and more Joseph Daley has done all of the above with unexpurgated force, consistent clarity and true genius."

You can read the whole review by clicking here.

For more information on the album, including where to buy, click here.

This is May 29th 2015.  Today I found out that my great great nephew died from being shot in a drive by shooting in Pittsburgh.  I learned this from my nephew, John Wallace.  It's very sad to see this all is still going on – we as African-American people killing each other.  The police are doing it well enough.  Why do we continue to do this?  What is wrong with us?  Do we have so much self-hatred that we have to continue to kill each other? Over absolutely nothing but greed and avarice, dope and every other negative thing that we can think of?  Why are we doing this to each other?  Are we still slaves?  Because the white people hate us so much, we should hate each other?  It’s terrible that white people keep killing us out here.  Why do we need to do it also?  Why can’t we do something about this?  Drugs?  Gangs?  All kinds of ridiculous stuff?  We just buy into how the white culture wants us to be.  It’s so sad, and it’s so awful.

Bill Cole would like to extend many thanks to the Downtown Music Gallery for publishing the following review of the "Trayvon Martin Suite";

"Each piece does a great job of capturing the spirit/vibe of what transpired that night and the mixed feelings we are all still dealing with due to too many other similar, continuing tragedies. This is an important, strong and immensely timely work that should be heard by many folks everywhere."

You can read the whole review by clicking here.

For more information on the album, including where to buy, click here.

Bill Cole would like to extend many thanks to for publishing the first review of the "Trayvon Martin Suite"; Bill Cole's latest album release in collaboration with Joseph Daley. Midwest Records writes:

"These two pros return to the days of civil rights jazz in their tribute to Trayvon Martin and they know how to convey the anger and confusion the times bestow..."

You can read the whole review by clicking here.

For more information on the album, including where to buy, click here.

Bill Cole is very pleased to announce that the "Trayvon Martin Suite", his latest album with long-term collaborator Joseph Daley, has been officially released.

Don't miss Bill Cole alongside fellow Untempered Ensemble members Ras Moshe and Lisette Santiago, along with Larry Roland on April 22nd at 9:30 pm the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural & Educational Center!

(From left to right: Lisette Santiago, Bill Cole and Ras Moshe performing at the University of Virginia in March 2014, photo courtesy of Martin Phillips)


In case you missed it, here are photos of Bill Cole with the Untempered Trio (Bill Cole, Joseph Daley and Warren Smith) performing together at the Stone as part of Warren Smith's week in residency. All photos courtesy of R.I. Sutherland-Cohen / (click here for more)


For the first time, one of Bill Cole's album is available for MP3 download! You can check out "Sunsum," Bill Cole's latest release with the Untempered Ensemble, order a physical copy or download the album at CDBaby by clicking here.

Bill Cole is so very pleased to have received this piece of fan mail, with mentions of his 2013 tribute to Jayne Cortez, "Politics," as well as his cycles and his 2008 duet album with Billy Bang, "Billy Bang / Bill Cole":

Dear Bill,

Thank you so much for sending this music along. I really love the introduction on Jayne Cortez. Very beautiful. I remember Jayne Cortez from your cycles and her recitation of "If the drum is Woman," it stayed with me. This led me to listen to The Firespitters on YouTube. Wow! I was not aware of your music before the cycles but recognise [sic] the Firespitter Personel. It is quite nice to be able to expand my knowledge and interest with the internet. Loved seeing Lisette Santiago perform. Althea sounds so confident and poised.... A very nice tribute to your dear friend. I was inspired by the Yoruba Proverbs in your cycles, Warren does a beautiful job of filling out "It's Not Other People's Good Wishes That Makes One Rich, But One's Own Destiny." You are just ripping out on "Politics," and I wish this was sonar to the president's brain. At times Bill & Billy conjured up Julius Abdul, congratulatoins, you are really consecrating it. Keep making beautiful music.

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Bruce Lee Gallanter, writing for the Downtown Music Gallery, has published the first review for Bill Cole's latest album release, Sunsum. Here's an excerpt:

"I have caught (perhaps a half dozen) different versions of the Untempered Ensemble through the years and have always been knocked out by each & every performance. Same for this one.... All of the music here has a joyous, uplifting vibe which is consistently enchanting. This disc is nearly an hour long and a transcendent aura pervades throughout."

You can read the whole review by clicking here.

Bill Cole is very pleased to announce new concert dates and the release of a new album!

This month, on the 26th of February, Bill Cole will be performing with long-term colleagues Warren Smith and Joseph Daley at the Stone (located in the East Village, New York, at the corner of avenue C and 2nd street). The performance is a part of Warren Smith's week-long residence at the Stone, and will feature two sets: one at 8 pm and another at 10 pm. Don't miss out on a great night of free jazz with this Untempered trio, thirty years in the making!

Bill Cole will also be releasing a new album titled the Trayvon Martin Suite, a duet album recorded with Joseph Daly. More details soon!

Bill Cole is very pleased to announce that, SUNSUM, the latest release from Bill Cole's Untempered Ensemble, has been officially released. The album was recorded on July 7th, 2014 at the San Clemente Soto Cultural Center in New York as part of the Evolving Music Series of Arts of Art. It is the group's 8th album and features Bill Cole, Warren Smith, Joseph Daly, Lisette Santiago, Ras Moshe, and Gerald Veasley.

This album will available at The Downtown Music Gallery (13 Monroe Street, New York, New York - also takes online orders) and The Bop Shop (1460 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, New York - also takes online orders). However, you can order the CD NOW via e-mail: just send your request to

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